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I am continuing with my new direction in this blog. I am linking it more closely with my YouTube channel. I will read from several journals that I started over a decade ago. I wrote to each of my grandchildren during the initial stages of their mothers’ pregnancy and into their first few years. I stopped writing a while back and have only recently renewed my journaling efforts during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. I have what I call my “Rona Diary” that I post to several times a week. It’s written to all three grandkids as a way of documenting what this time was like on a regular basis. Years from now, they can see what an “average” day was like during this pandemic.

The journals that I wrote to the three grandkids are unique to each one. They are my thoughts, prayers and dreams as well as personal encounters with each of them (like when my first grandson barfed in my shoe). I am continuing the postings to my YouTube channel as if reading to them. It’s one way that I want to demonstrate what Little League affirmation could look like. The personal nature of the entries continues unfiltered, unedited and genuine. Since my earliest entry I have only become more attached to these kids, even more determined to let them know how special they are. I want my grandkids to know “atta boy,” “atta girl,” you’ve got this” not as something they hear occasionally but something as internalized and regular as breathing.

I hope you like my entries. I would love to hear from you what you do to instill an internalized, regular-as-breathing sense of Little League affirmation in your grandkids – or your kids, students, significant other, co-worker, parishioner, neighbor…. Let’s see if we can create a movement of people journaling, holding another person up to the light, doing our very best to let the others know just how special they are. Let’s call them to be the people they already are in the eyes of God.

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