You Got This

"Atta girl, atta boy!" affirmation from author and speaker Greg Bancroft

Affirmation. Encouragement.

You Got This delivers a positive, uplifting message of support that leaves people inspired and equipped to show up to their responsibilities, dig in to the tasks at hand and – over time – suck less.

Overcome self-talk that tells us we don’t measure up no matter how hard we try. Claim success despite nagging thoughts of fraud or internal calls to diminish achievements. Embrace failure as a way forward.

You Got This uses the language and culture of America’s favorite pastime to acknowledge the people we were meant to be. Baseball metaphors become life lessons to build confidence in daily work, strengthen key relationships, and appreciate the connectedness of all life.


Greg draws on an array of life experiences (priest, counselor, Naval officer, business executive, educator, and stand-up comic) to help participants see how capable they already are. People will come to see themselves as exciting, complex, and essential to the Game of Life.

You Got This can be adapted to a variety of audiences (churches, youth groups, sports teams, businesses) and venues (dinner talks, keynote addresses, graduations, sales workshops, team-building exercises).

Volume discounts and non-profit fundraising opportunities are available with the companion book, Swing For the Fences: Show up, Dig in, Suck Less.

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