Swing for the Fences


How does a person measure success? Baseball players, for instance, can fail seven out of ten times at the plate and go to the Baseball Hall of Fame. So why do people act as though they need to bat 1.000?

From children’s author Greg Bancroft comes Swing for the Fences, a book where he draws on lessons from America’s greatest pastime to create a manual of practical tools for winning at the game of life.

Navigating life’s challenges is never easy, but Bancroft’s thoughtful and humorous writing will teach readers how to give themselves a break, and as a result, “suck less.”

In a clear, engaging style, Swing for the Fences guides readers through being successful at home, at work, and in relationships. In the end, it’s not just about the home runs; it’s about how a person approaches stepping up to the plate.