In the movie, “Bull Durham,” Annie says to Nuke Laloosh (is that a great baseball name, or what?) to breathe through his eyelids while he’s on the mound. She also wants him to wear a garter belt under his uniform. She was concerned that he was overthinking, trying too hard, and the thoughts rambling through his head were a distraction from what he does best; namely, strike out batters. He soon realizes that he’s been tricked but by then he’s won the game – by doing what he does best. Pitch.

When I was in the work-a-day world, I would often overthink (read here: worry) about meeting a new client. I wanted everything to work out just right. I wanted to say and do the right things so that the client would like me, our company, and want to be in a relationship. when I just relaxed into my normal way of interacting, drinking coffee and talking to people, things usually worked out well. Doing what I do best was just fine. I now tell myself “You’ve got this!” “Atta boy!” and look forward to a lasting relationship. How about you? Are you overthinking things or doing what you do best?

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