It just takes a spark

     I ran as fast as I could to the bottom. When I got there, she was breathing hard, shaking and holding on to her handlebars. But she was still upright on her bike. “Boo,” I said, “you look scared.” “Oh, very much so,” she replied. “But you made it!” “I did!” “Tell me about that.” “Well,” she began, “when I started down, I thought that this could be a mistake. Then I realized that I was doing it. I was okay. I’ve got this.” Then she looked at me, “you say that all the time, Papa.”

    As in most things, this kid HAS got this. That’s because she’s marinating in Little League Affirmation. She will meet future challenges with courage and aplomb because of it. It’s one way I hope that she will be immune from the toxicity of negative words that will swirl around her at school, work and in the world. I’ve heard it said that one negative comment takes seven (7!) positive comments just to neutralize its toxicity. Not only that, everyone within earshot is diminished as well. Everyone’s spirit is hurt a little bit, a spark snuffed out. If it persists, the work team, for example, runs the risk of diminished productivity, lower morale, increased turnover (and we all know that people leave managers not companies). It’s like dying from a thousand paper cuts. One is survivable. Thousands kill.

     Fortunately, the opposite is true. One Little League Affirmation can have ripple effects throughout the team. Productivity can improve. Spirits are lifted and a positive outlook returns. Imagine what Our world would be like if we all practiced Little League Affirmation. It’

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