Harness the best of baseball to flourish in your daily life!

Welcome to my first blog. This will be a space to explore the many ways that baseball can help strengthen relationships in our vocational, social and interpersonal lives. We’ll look at how shame interferes with much of our thinking and refer to that as “stinkin’ thinkin’” – also known as “shame.” This kind of thinking is the sum of all the voices that rattle around in our brains, quite often the result of something in our past, that tells us we aren’t good enough (no matter how hard we try) or that we don’t measure up. We also have shaming voices that tell us we don’t deserve any award (or promotion, or victory, or healthy relationship, or….). Shame, therefore, is not that we have done something bad or that we are wrong. It’s a feeling that we always fall short or are unworthy.

Baseball is the only sport where the person scores, not the object or the ball. That says something positive about the intrinsic worth of human beings. We’re more important than things. The foul lines mark the edges of play, not the terminus, so in a very real sense, like longitude and latitude, we are on the field of play at all times. We’re in the game. The game of life. As such, we need each other, just as it takes all nine players to execute a game of baseball. So, we’ll also be exploring ways that baseball can help us reclaim what I will call “The Commons.” I’m not sure who coined that phrase but I like it. It refers to all of the many ways in which our lives are woven together in life. We are not just a random host of independent agents scurrying around the face of the earth. We breathe the same air, drink the same water, travel the same roads, send kids to the same schools, enjoy certain freedoms – and so on. We’ll talk about how baseball can get us off the selfish mindset of “me,” “my,” “mine” and help us redirect our energies back to “us,” “we,” “ours.”

I hope you’ll keep coming back to this site for more – and join in the conversation!

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