Swing For the Fences: Show up, Dig in, Suck Less will return an immediate profit for your organization while delighting your supporters. Deploying life lessons for the Little Leaguer in all of us, Greg delivers a home run with this funny, articulate, thought-provoking book that is practical for readers of all ages as well as entertaining. Baseball fans (or not) will find insights and tools to use in their daily life and work to become the people they already are.

Use it to develop leaders on and off the field, while raising funds for your organization. 


  • Get ~50% discount when you order 30 books (1 carton) or more
  • Regular price $600/carton; discounted price $297/carton
  • Use promo code "SWING"
  • Shipping cost: $25-$30/carton
  • Your organization may sell each copy for $20, netting a profit of around $10 per book

How to order:

Click the button below to visit Greg's distributor's website (Itasca Books) and place your bulk order. Please be sure to use the promo code "SWING" and order a minimum of 30 books to qualify for the discount.

Coaches, players, work teams, people in recovery, families, youth workers—and their fans and sponsors—will welcome this helpful book.​

Use it in a study group. Combine it with a speaking engagement with Greg (address, workshop, retreat). Add it to your favorite list of “go to” management or coaching tools.