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I’m a rookie. I need help. I want to sell books! I’m proud of them and want to share them. And, honestly, going into a second printing would be very cool. Will you help?

“Swing for the Fences: Show up. Dig in. Suck less.” won an IPPY (Independent Publishers) Silver Medal at a ceremony this year at the Copacabana Club in NYC. It was second in its category among all other entries. Endorsed by Tony Oliva, Joe Schmit, as well as various coaches, religious leaders and counselors, it has begun reaching people across the country. I use the language and culture of baseball, especially Little League affirmation, to counter the toxic effects of shame encountered in everyday life. People have commented favorably on the quality of the book, its physical composition: the cover, binding, pages as well as the writing style. The “In the batter’s box” feature at the end of each chapter is where questions and exercises focus practical application on topics just presented. I’ve heard of groups using it as a weekly resource to help guide their common recovery efforts; parents using it with kids to open up conversations; coaches and players using it to keep alive their values of affirmation, teamwork, and support. One FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) mom told me that she would love to use it as a fundraising tool over cookie dough any day! Please help me spread the word.

“Betsy’s Day at the Game” is a sweet story of a little girl who goes to a baseball game with her grandfather, keeps score; the reader learns how to do so and can practice at the end. It comes with a (free) downloadable educator’s guide off my website that was developed as a class project by students at Concordia St. Paul Betsy curriculum. It meets nine of the Common Core Standards for children’s literature and is used in elementary schools across the country. It won a Mom’s Choice (Gold) Award. Over 15,000 products were vetted and mine won for children’s literature. A Disney illustrator with film credits did the art. Penny Marshall endorsed it. And it’s not just for kids! Elder groups and organizations use it as an example of what a healthy intergenerational relationship can look like. Let’s sell this one, too!

Both are available on my website: and wherever books are sold. “Swing” comes in three forms: hardcover, eBook, and audio. I noticed Amazon has a Holiday special on audiobooks now….a good time buy “Swing.” Also, for those of you who like to speed up your audio books, it plays well at 1.2. Amazon link to all three options.

YOU CAN HELP – please share this with all your social media contacts in its various forms. There have to be literally thousands of people who could see this notice. Thousands. How many would be moved to purchase one or both books? What if I had to call the publisher and schedule second printings? And then, how many people would contact me for speeches? This could be really huge!

I’m excited to see what happens and am grateful for any and all help, especially yours.

Blessings, Greg

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