discover life lessons using the lens of America’s favorite pastime

Swing for the Fences


Swing for the Fences draws on lessons from America's greatest pastime to create a manual of practical tools for winning at the game of life.


Joe Schmit

Emmy-Award winning Sportscaster for KSTP-TV and ESPN Radio and inspirational speaker

"Greg Bancroft swings for the fences and drives it deep in this major league effort to use baseball as a metaphor for life...It's a home run."

Anita Oliva

Business owner and daughter of Tony Oliva, former Minnesota Twins outfielder

"We're so excited to see (this book)'s fabulous..."

Joey Hale

Coach of the 2012 Little League World Series Champions, Goodlettsville, TN

"The pages of this book were literally speaking to me...much of what was written is how I try to approach the game with my players."

Ryan Folmar

Head Coach, Oral Roberts University Baseball

"The life lessons learned…provide an essential tool…to cope with the ever-changing world..."

Mark Beckwith

Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark

"Greg…demonstrates how the dynamics of baseball’s wisdom can apply to a fulfilling life."

Bob Showers

Author of Twins in the Dome, Twins at the Met, and Minnesota North Stars

"Swing for the Fences illustrates how the examples set by (inspirational leaders in baseball) can be applied to everyday life."

Kyle D. Duvall

Deputy Executive Director, Welcome Home Ministries

"Greg's entertaining presentation and engaging conversation about his book, Swing For The Fences, is incredibly insightful! What a great motivator and encourager! Atta Boy, Greg!"

Chris Whitney

Founder/Director of One Generation Away

"Greg’s gift of story telling draws you in and then you realize how impactful his story of baseball and life are to you personally. You will leave encouraged and challenged to apply Greg’s practical words to your everyday life."

Elaine Kay

President of the Kiwanis Club of Nashville (2017-2018)

“Using real life comparisons to strategies used while playing baseball, Greg Bancroft relates great insight into the life-changing powerful habit of mentally blocking out negativity. He explains how the paths to success, whether it be one’s career, personal or spiritual walk are well lit with minds set on positive thinking.”

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Betsy's Day at the Game

Betsy spends a wonderful and exciting day at the ball park with her beloved grandfather, demonstrating to him all she has learned about keeping score.


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