The Commons

 write from time to time about “The Commons.” People sometimes ask me what exactly do I mean by that phrase. Is important to understand The Commons when we talk about showing up, digging in and sucking less – the components of swinging for the fences.  When my family and I lived in Connecticut, it was …

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Intentional Positivity

I heard the woman’s voice on the other end of the telephone and I was so excited that I nearly shouted “yes!” before I realized that she was not calling to offer me the position. “Oh, no,” I said, you’re calling to tell me no.” She started crying, saying how sorry she was, the committee …

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There’s Not Always a Trophy

Not so long ago, we had this practice with kids’ sports that everyone who participated received a trophy. Win or lose, each kid was rewarded with a plastic image, usually gold-painted, mounted on a wood-looking piece of plastic. There was a little brass-like plaque with the kid’s name, team, date. There might be additional trophies …

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Persevere Persistently

In the 1920’s, there were sixteen teams split between two leagues. Every team played its rival teams eleven times at home and eleven times away (a total of 22 games per rival) for a 154-game season. Then, there came expansions, divisions within each league, interleague play, and so on. Soon, a specter of 198 games …

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Give a Kid a Ball

If you give a kid a ball, you know s/he is going to want to throw it. If s/he throws it, she or he will want someone to catch it and return the throw. Kids are like that. Then, those kids will want to hit it with something. They’ll need a bat. If they’re going …

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Three Words Towards Healing

“You got this!” Those three little words can  go a long way toward healing. Healing from the toxicity of shame that affects so many people’s lives. The more we hear those words, and the more we use them in our own conversations, the better off we will all be. It’s my firm conviction that developing …

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