Spring Training

I used to wonder why professional athletes would need a month (or more, if you’re a pitcher) to get ready for a full, regular season of baseball. Haven’t these people been playing ball since they were five years old? Did they play last year? Are they likely to learn something new over the next few …

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Have you ever heard of the expression, “arrival psychology?” I know the phrase as a counseling expression used within the Recovery community; especially those overcoming addictions. I have also heard it used to describe the kind of thinking common among people wrestling with shame and shame triggers. Not surprisingly, also people we see in the …

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Risk Failure

Lately, I’ve been noticing online postings from former colleagues. They seem to be showing a lot of baby pictures. New babies. Boys, girls, older siblings holding the new baby, pets sniffing the little critter, while the new one remains wrapped in a blanket like a tortilla (often wearing a knit cap). Happy, delightful, beautiful scenes. …

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Your Body as a Shame Trigger

Late January/early February is a time of great activity at local “Y’s” and fitness centers. The YMCA that I belong to was so packed when I went there the other day, I couldn’t find a parking place. I came back later. Inside, it’s a buzz of activity. People grunting, sweating, lifting, jumping, you name it; …

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Why Goals

Before we get too far into 2019, it strikes me that it would be beneficial to say something about goals. Some people detest goals and do what they can to remain uncommitted to anything. They like to let life “just happen” and then respond to it as needed. Others like to plan everything down to …

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Striking Out Shame

Welcome to a New Year! New life. New growth. New adventures. New discoveries. New… My hope around this blog is that readers will find helpful tools or insights that they can apply to their own relationships. I want to strikeout shame and the toxic environment it creates in our lives. I especially want to strikeout …

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