Cape-less Hero

My grandmother was 4’11” tall. She weighed 95 pounds; if she was wearing a hat. She was a little bitty thing. However, no one would have considered her weak or fragile. Nor would anyone have considered her incompetent, incapable, or unintelligent. She was just the opposite: very competent in a number of areas, quite capable …

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Now what…?

From Little League to the Majors, it’s fun to watch the winning team celebrate their victory. Guys pile on each other. They hug one another. Some come flying in from the outfield to land on top of everyone else. They roll around on the ground. There is a lot of laughing, some tears of joy, lots …

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“It’s Not Fair!”

     Think of how many times when you were growing up you cried out “it’s not fair!” It was a cry of a kid experiencing something as unjust, the forces of the universe arrayed against you to make your life unpleasant. Having to come inside after playing all day with friends. Suffering through a family …

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The Best is Yet to Come…

It happens to me every year about now. I realize that the baseball season is about to end. The regular season is coming to a close. I like that in some ways because it sets in motion the post season, league playoffs and the World Series! I get excited when I see the final teams …

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My Team is Me

My Team is Me      Frequently, I am amazed at how easily people identify with a particular sports team. In my case, it’s the Minnesota Twins. I was in Junior High when the old Washington Senators came to Minneapolis-St. Paul to set up shop. It was so exciting! And, to my thirteen-year-old brain, exotic. Imagine …

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Shame Board

     I commonly use a “shame board” when doing a seminar or workshop. I ask participants to say words or phrases that come to mind when asked “what did you hear, growing up, about what it means to be a boy or a girl?” And then I have them relate that to being an adult …

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