My Team is Me

My Team is Me      Frequently, I am amazed at how easily people identify with a particular sports team. In my case, it’s the Minnesota Twins. I was in Junior High when the old Washington Senators came to Minneapolis-St. Paul to set up shop. It was so exciting! And, to my thirteen-year-old brain, exotic. Imagine …

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Shame Board

     I commonly use a “shame board” when doing a seminar or workshop. I ask participants to say words or phrases that come to mind when asked “what did you hear, growing up, about what it means to be a boy or a girl?” And then I have them relate that to being an adult …

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A Long Way to Go

     The “dog days of summer.” I remember hearing that phrase as a kid. I associated that phrase with being bored, being hot, being ready for something new. The thing was, however, I lived in a really small town. There was not much to do, especially when we were young. Of course, we had no …

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Attitude and Effort

     Attitude and effort. Two things we can control. Two things that can determine (often greatly) how well we succeed in relationships, at work, while playing a game, or life in general. Have you ever heard someone say, in reference to a person’s lackluster performance, “her heart just wasn’t in it.” People saw the person …

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One of a kind…

BLOG_One of a kind, vol.2 no.13      My grandmother used to say that when we point a finger at someone, three fingers are pointing at us. Usually, it is said of us that we are being critical of something in ourselves that we have difficulty acknowledging or “owning up to.” It’s a blind spot. So, …

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Think, Feel, Say, Do

THINK FEEL SAY DO BLOG_Think Feel Say Do; vol. 2, no. 12      Recently, I was at our grandson’s Little League game. There was a high school girl’s softball game wrapping up, on the field that our guys were going to be using. While the boys warmed up with tosses and fungo, I watched the …

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