A New Direction

I am going to take a different direction with my blog. I will link it more closely with my YouTube channel. My plan is to read from several journals that I started over a decade ago. I wrote to each of my grandchildren during the initial stages of their mothers’ pregnancy and into their first …

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    I don’t know about you, but sticking with something until it’s finished, despite the obstacles or delays in achieving success, used to seem easier. When I was playing ball, we all had our sights on the season: our current record, what we had to work on, who were going to be facing in the …

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Friends, distanced.

       In this age of Coronavirus, it might be difficult to maintain friendships – or any relationship that matters. On the one hand, we are to keep our distance, wear a mask, wash our hands repeatedly. We may be limited in the number of occasions where we can interact with friends. On the other hand, …

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It’s Like Flossing

     Raise your hand if you ever had someone tell you the importance of flossing your teeth. A teacher, your parents, grandparents, certainly a dentist have all stressed the importance of flossing your teeth. It has to be consistent; daily, is what everyone says. After eating popcorn it’s pretty obvious that flossing is important. Those …

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Control: Attitude, Effort

I’ve written about controlling attitude and effort before and it’s something I speak about often. There are really two things we can control: our attitude and our effort. Applied to baseball, that could mean that we control how we show up to the game. We can make sure that we are fully present to our …

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Normal is as normal does

Monday morning. 9:30 am. I was still in bed. I wasn’t sick, at least not physically. It wasn’t a Saturday. It wasn’t vacation. Just a normal day in the midst of a global pandemic. I had nowhere I needed to be. No appointment I needed to make. No reason, really, to get up, shower, shave, …

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