Control: Attitude, Effort

I’ve written about controlling attitude and effort before and it’s something I speak about often. There are really two things we can control: our attitude and our effort. Applied to baseball, that could mean that we control how we show up to the game. We can make sure that we are fully present to our …

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Normal is as normal does

Monday morning. 9:30 am. I was still in bed. I wasn’t sick, at least not physically. It wasn’t a Saturday. It wasn’t vacation. Just a normal day in the midst of a global pandemic. I had nowhere I needed to be. No appointment I needed to make. No reason, really, to get up, shower, shave, …

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Opening Day…not

This was supposed to be Opening Day across the country, throughout Major League Baseball. It didn’t happen. A very dangerous virus interrupted play. Lots of people were sad, angry, disappointed and maybe a bit confused. If it’s not Opening Day, then what is it? And what do we do now? There were wonderful replays of …

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In the movie, “Bull Durham,” Annie says to Nuke Laloosh (is that a great baseball name, or what?) to breathe through his eyelids while he’s on the mound. She also wants him to wear a garter belt under his uniform. She was concerned that he was overthinking, trying too hard, and the thoughts rambling through …

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Odd timing

I have a Christmas cactus that is just now breaking out in blooms. It’s the middle of February. Two months off. I might have liked it to be in bloom as part of our seasonal celebration, adding to our decorations. But then I thought about the blooming now, as pitchers and catchers report to Spring …

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It just takes a spark

     I ran as fast as I could to the bottom. When I got there, she was breathing hard, shaking and holding on to her handlebars. But she was still upright on her bike. “Boo,” I said, “you look scared.” “Oh, very much so,” she replied. “But you made it!” “I did!” “Tell me about …

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