How Toxic IS Shame?

People sometimes ask, “what’s the big deal about shame?” The person asking is often dismissive about the whole subject. S/he doesn’t see the significance of certain words nor their impact upon the recipient. Thus, the recipient ought to “buck up,” “get tougher skin,” “blow it off,” or “push back.” I’m not surprised when the person …

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Hope Revisited

New life. Rebirth. Hope. By whatever name, the coming of spring and, especially Opening Day in baseball, is a resurrection experience. Maybe more so for those who live in northern climates. Coming from Minnesota, this was especially true for me. Minnesota winters are famous; famously cold, icy, often long and frequently snowy (although, there are …

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Final Roster

As teams near the end of Spring Training, there is the task of trimming the rosters to 25 players. That’s called the “25-man active roster.” Teams also keep an additional 15 players on hand through their Minor League systems. This “40-man roster” allows teams to quickly and easily call up players from the Minors in …

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In some circles, using the expression of “teaming” refers to the process of gathering the various staff members, support personnel, leaders and operational folks into a cohesive unit, all focused on the organization’s mission. Often, this cohort gathers for an extended period of time, perhaps away from the office with some kind of facilitator, in …

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SPRING TRAINING: Absorbing Little League Affirmation

We’re back at it! “The boys” are in various camps between Florida and Arizona. Freshly-mown grass, the sounds of bats cracking, balls smacking into gloves and the chatter of baseball is on the gentle breezes. Chatter. It’s the constant chatter that always inspires me. It takes me back to Little League games where our coaches …

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Baseball is a Game of Failure

It’s been said that baseball is a game of failure. Batters do the best they can to hit a round ball with a round bat. It’s the most difficult task in all sports. The ball is thrown into an area roughly 17” wide by 18” high. The pitcher and catcher work on a sequence of …

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