Tolerate Unevenness

Most kids, it seems to me, are totally self-centered. It’s as if they are The Center of the Universe. Part of this is related to basic survival, I guess. Just like baby birds, the chirping and squawking of babies ensures that older people notice them, attend to their needs, and generally see to it that …

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Everyone Blows it Sometimes

Sacrifice is putting aside oneself for the good of the whole and for the strength of relationships. As difficult as that action is, forgiving another person is even harder. If sacrifice is something we do for others, forgiveness is what we do for ourselves. Usually, offending actions or words take place prior to the need …

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Flush Co-Dependency

“The ump hates me,” a teammate moaned as he trudged back to the dugout. “That’s the second time he called a third strike on me.” The coach told him to swing the next time he’s down two strikes. “Who knows, you just might hit the ball,” he said. Tough words for a twelve-year- old kid …

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Why Baseball?

I am passionate about baseball. I love the game. I love the timelessness of going to a game. I see in the game important metaphors for improving daily life. Some of those, like embracing failure, can be extremely helpful in healing people caught up in shame (never feeling good enough, never measuring up, not able …

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Star Assessment

Every year, teams look forward to seeing how their teams unfold. How well do they work together? Do they stay loose on the bench? Is it fun in the locker room? Do they exhibit Little League affirmation on the field? And…who looks promising in terms of pitching, hitting, stealing bases, great defense? Are there stars …

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How Toxic IS Shame?

People sometimes ask, “what’s the big deal about shame?” The person asking is often dismissive about the whole subject. S/he doesn’t see the significance of certain words nor their impact upon the recipient. Thus, the recipient ought to “buck up,” “get tougher skin,” “blow it off,” or “push back.” I’m not surprised when the person …

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