The Best is Yet to Come…

It happens to me every year about now. I realize that the baseball season is about to end. The regular season is coming to a close. I like that in some ways because it sets in motion the post season, league playoffs and the World Series! I get excited when I see the final teams and begin to imagine days-on-end of fabulous baseball. I have to admit, also, that I get excited if the Yankees aren’t in the hunt. I have nothing against the Yankees. Really, they are an amazing team. It’s just that I like to see other teams once in a while. How cool would it be to see the Rockies or the Nats win it? But it’s also a lot like a fireworks display.

I love fireworks. The colors, the noise, the variety. I like it when they are coordinated with music. I get excited as the display continues because I know the finale is coming. Then it hits! Oh man! Rapid fire explosions! Smoke! Noise! The crowd is cheering, whistling, clapping! Then, the final boom comes, the smoke clears, it’s over. My ears are ringing. My heart is pumping. I’m glad that I was there to see it. And I realize that I really do like fireworks displays. I would like to see more. But, alas, I have to wait until next year. I’m a little sad and little happy at the same time.

I have been listening to baseball games for months. I have watched a few on TV but mostly I have a game playing on my phone. Because I wear hearing aids, complete with Bluetooth technology, I can hear the game even outside on the deck as if I am wearing private headphones. There have been times when I have had a game playing in the background when someone asks me the score. I laugh and say “I don’t really know.” It’s truly background sounds. I get too spoiled, I suppose, to the luxury of having a game to turn on any time day or night for months. Then, when it gets to be late September, I am aware of how rapidly the games are coming to an end. There isn’t much time left to listen or watch. Thankfully, there is a flurry of games at the end, in October, that will be something like the finale of a fireworks display: a really big sign-off to the season!

I don’t want to get too morbid here, but it brings up my mortality. I am leaning into seventy. I’m in pretty good health and plan to live a number of years longer. But, most of my life is behind me, even though I like to think the best is yet to come. The future is always bright (otherwise, we might as well curl up under the sheets). I’ll have thousands of more games to listen to or watch, but not nearly as many World Series. I hope I get 15, 20, maybe even 25 more Series before I flame out…but who knows? Each year, the World Series is a little more special to me, like the grand finale of a really good fireworks display. I seem to pay closer attention and appreciate the players, pitchers and events even more than when I was much younger. The luxury of abundant games, and never-ending World Series, is closing for us all – eventually.

So, enjoy! Really enjoy! Pay attention to everything you can – the sights, the sounds, the parks, the action. Allow yourself to be grateful for being able to participate in such a wonderful sport at whatever level possible (maybe you are one of the few lucky ones to actually get to sit in one of the ball parks during a game!) I like to focus on gratitude, abundance, and how much baseball has been a part of my life, especially in connection with my family. It’s hard to separate family and baseball for me. I know that my family will continue listening to and watching baseball (and fireworks displays, for that matter) and I have no doubt that I will come up in their conversation. In some small way, we’ll always be connected. And I love that about baseball…

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